Travel photography in Southeast Asia – My 2019 highlights

This year has been quite the mixed bag in terms of my career. Breaking into the travel photography business as a professional is proving to be even harder than I thought. And, trust me, I never thought it was going to be easy.

If you missed it, you can listen to this episode where I discussed some of the challenges with Valérie Jardin on her “Hit the Streets” podcast back in June.

It has become increasingly obvious to me that I need to ramp up my networking and pitching efforts and let photography take a back seat for a little while. I have been working on that for the last few months.

But I have not neglected my photography and have had the opportunity to capture some amazing events and moments in the second half of 2019. Among these are the traditional ‘makepung’ buffalo races in Bali (Indonesia) and the Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai and Sukhothai (Thailand).

All in all, 2019 has been quite productive, photographically speaking. For the first time in 3 years I haven’t been to India, but I have made my first long visit (almost 2 months) to Vietnam, which was a blast to photograph. I’ve spent most of the year in SE Asia, hopping back and forth between Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Rather than write a ‘my top ten photos of the year on Instagram’ blog post, as I’ve done in the past, I’ve put together this 45-second video that includes most of my favourite photos from 2019.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any favourites or questions about how I made any of the photos.


  1. Thanks for such inspiring blog. I am a freelance photographer and I get motivate by seeing this kind of post to continue my work.

  2. Thanks for the great post. I will regularly follow this type of blogs to learn some new stuff. Keep posting. Please let me know for the upcoming posts.

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