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Women at Pura Gunung Lebah – Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)

Women in traditional Balinese costumes making offerings

On my way to the Campuhan Ridge Walk and the gorgeous rice terraces just outside Ubud, I run into Pura Gunung Lebah. The name literally means “Temple on the small hill”, making reference to its location on a rock between two rivers.

I recently wrote a long post about Bali and its many charms, which largely outweigh the island’s most annoying features that have earned it a partially deserved bad press.

Culture and religion are definitely one of Bali’s highlights. From the striking (to me, at least) social customs to its deeply rooted traditions and wonderful architecture, if you’re into art and culture, you’re certain to find something interesting in Bali.

Although this is by no means unique in SE Asia, I was surprised at the extent to which religion permeates all aspects of the Balinese people’s daily life. There are so many temples and ceremonies, that making food and floral offerings to the Gods is a daily endeavour.

I took this photo from the stairs outside the back wall of the temple, which provide a nice high vantage point. These women, dressed in colourful traditional Balinese costumes, were sitting inside the temple, chatting away as they prepared the offerings for the next ceremony. I clicked a few photos, waived back and smiled when one of them looked up, and continued my walk back into town for lunch.


  1. Where are you from Mr. Fernando? If you go to Bali especially Ubud , you can visit my house near Pura Gunung Lebah, We are welcome. 🙂

    1. Happy to hear your mum liked the photo! And thank you so much for your kind invitation, there’s a good chance I go back to Ubud in the next couple of months, in fact!
      I’m from Spain, by the way.

      1. Yes, you can told me if you already prepared to go to Bali. We wish you have a great day, Mr. Fernando.

    1. Is she really your mother? That’s amazing! I hope she likes the photo if she sees it.
      Thanks for your kind comments, Dede.

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