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Traditional Peranakan façade – Penang (Malaysia)

Façade of a traditional Peranakan shophouse, Penang, Malaysia

After spending two weeks in Malaysia, I have developed a renewed taste for the amazing architecture of Penang (George Town).

You may remember this post from my visit two years ago, where I was enthusiastic but also disappointed that I let the crushing heat and humidity get the best of me. As a result, I only took photos with my phone.

This time around things were different. I was certain this would not happen to me again, since photography is the main goal of my travels this year. Therefore, I would carry as much photographic equipment as I’d need, and I’d shoot the city in a much more deliberate way.

And so I have done. It has also helped that, unlike two years ago, I am not tired from months of travelling, nor in a hurry because of my return date back home.

Truth be told, when I look at the images I captured with my phone two years ago (see the post linked above), I think they look pretty good. The problem is, of course, that while those photos look good at screen viewing size, at 8 megapixels they lack the resolution and image quality required for many professional uses. Viewing at 100% magnification the photos I’ve taken in this visit with my X-T2 camera, the difference is very clear, as expected.

There are so many beautiful façades in Penang, from the lovingly restored to the crumbling, derelict ones, that it’s hard not to photograph every single one of them.

This photo shows how gorgeous these old Chinese (Peranakan, to be precise) shophouses can look when restored to something close to their original state. One can always wonder how accurate these restorations are, but Penang’s historic center is listed by UNESCO, so that should be a guarantee. I know it’s hard to appreciate all the exquisite details at this size, but it should give you a good idea of the beautiful architecture of this town and how much I enjoyed photographing it.

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