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Statue in traditional Balinese garden – Indonesia

Statue in traditional Balinese garden, Ubud

As I told you in my long post about Bali a few months ago, traditional arts and architecture are one of many highlights of this beautiful island. Balinese garden statues are one of the most characteristic manifestations of this unique artistic legacy.

Along with its myriad of gorgeous temples, traditional family compounds encapsulate some of the most unique aspects of Balinese culture. And the best part is you can enjoy most of that for free.

In Ubud, Bali’s cultural capital despite, or thanks to (I can’t decide), its growing Westernization, many well-off families keep their magnificent gardens open to the public. So you’re free to enter and roam the lush, quiet grounds.

I suppose you could get blasé about it after a while, but, as a first-time visitor, I couldn’t help but marvel at the strikingly beautiful pavilions and shrines. At every corner, weathered and mossy statues of gods, godesses and other mythological creatures guard the family home against demons and malignant spirits.

I’m pretty sure visiting these compounds would be much more interesting if one could know what the statues represent and why they are laid out as they are. But even from a mere aesthetic perspective, Balinese gardens in Ubud are well worth a visit. Remember you’re on private property, so be respectful and just soak up the soothing atmosphere.

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