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Sanur Beach – Bali (Indonesia)

Woman sitting on Sanur Beach

I spent my last three days in Indonesia in the relatively calm (some would say boring) resort of Sanur.

By that point, I felt I had “done my beaches” in my trip around SE Asia, and was looking forward to the next stage (Japan).

I chose Sanur because I wanted to be nearer to the airport, in preparation for my imminent departure. It’s true that Sanur is not the most exciting place in Bali (if you missed it earlier this month, make sure to check out my long feature on Bali here).

However, I found Sanur cosy, quiet and, ultimately, rather pleasant. The beach, while long, was kind of a disappointment, though. It was hard to overlook the tons of garbage washed up on the beach every day by the tide. All this rubbish was picked up by workers at least once during my stay , but the water didn’t seem very clean anyway. In addition, as I could tell from the very few people who went for a swim, waters were very shallow.

Eventually, I didn’t even get into the sea at all. Despite that, I did enjoy my walks on the quiet beach. I took the opportunity to relax, eat some really nice food (that yummy “nasi campur”) and look back on my last 4 months of travel.

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