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Man Mo Temple – Hong Kong

Interior of Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

Hey there, its been I while since I’ve posted, although I’ve published a couple of updates on Facebook and Twitter since (by the way, if you’re not following me there yet, just click on the embedded links!).

Last time I posted I was still in Madrid, gearing up for a house move and a year full of travels that started last week with a short stay in Hong Kong. Now, I’m Thailand (Lampang, to be more precise) and preparing for my next destinations.

As it turns out, posting updates to my blog and social channels, while editing hundreds of new photos every day and making plans for travelling  and shooting at a new destination every two to four days is harder than it seemed! Never mind, I will find my new posting rythm as I the trip moves forward.

In just two short visits, Hong Kong has become one of my favorite cities in Asia. It’s kind of baffling at first, specially if you “land” in Kowloon like I did two years ago. But I liked it so much there I chose Kowloon again as my operations base this time around.

I’ll leave that for a long post on Hong Kong, along with plenty of photos (as always). For the time being, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite images from this trip, taken at Man Mo Temple.

Man Mo Temple is located on Hong Kong island, a few blocks from the craziness of Central district, the financial heart of the city. On the outside it looks small and unassuming, but the inside is calm and really beautiful.

The temple owes its name to its being dedicated to the Gods of Literature (Man) and War (Mo), a strange combination that is nonetheless found in many other temples in China, as I have learned.

At times it’s hard to breathe inside due to the huge incense coils burning in the ceiling and the incense sticks burned in prayer by the locals. Despite that, it pays to take your time and enjoy your visit. Admission is free and you can stay for as long as you want.

I may write a separate post on Man Mo Temple. If I end up not doing it, I’ll make sure to include a few more photos in my long Hong Kong article so you can better appreciate what I mean.

What do you think? Have you visited Man Mo?

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