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Borobudur Temple – Java (Indonesia)

Stupas and students at Borobudur

Without a doubt, some of the most rewarding experiences in my travels have to do with the people I meet, no matter how briefly, and my visit to Borobudur Temple (Java) is a great example.

As I told you a while ago, I went to Borobudur as part of a half-day trip from Yogyakarta that included watching sunrise over Mt. Merapi at Setumbu Hill.

In those few hours that morning, I met two of the nicest fellow travelers I had the pleasure to meet in my whole SE Asia trip (Tyler, Michelle, if you’re reading this, I hope you guys are doing well!).

I also run into a large group of high school students who were on a day trip to Borobudur. It’s fair to say that their arrival, with their colourful school uniforms and infectious joy, broke the calm of the early morning hours at Borobudur.

They were so curious about Westerners and so eager to practice their English that they made all of us feel truly welcome and, in a way, like rock stars. I had a longer chat with two of them and they looked genuinely thrilled to be talking to someone from such a faraway country as Spain, and be able to communicate in a foreing language. They even gave me a souvenir of their country as a thank you. So sweet of them!

I took a few other pictures showing the whole group, but I like this one where a smaller group stands out against the relatively uniform, grey-brown stones of Borobudur’s stupas.


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