Photography but no travel: my year 2020 in photos

Well, this has been a “different” kind of year for us all, hasn’t it? I can only hope you and your loved ones have made it through unharmed. Recently, vaccines have given us all new hopes, although things will remain complicated for at least 4-6 months, in the best-case scenario.

Woman walks on the street in Madrid

As if the pandemic itself weren’t enough, this year may have been rough professionally and financially speaking for many of you as well, just as it has for me.

Being a travel photographer and being unable to travel is, well, a massive inconvenience. I have spent the whole year in my hometown in Madrid for the first time in 4 years. At least, the spring lock-down gave me a much welcome opportunity to catch up on my keyboarding and image culling.

Not a lot of exciting opportunities to take photos during 2020, though. It wasn’t just the lock-down, but also the fact that given my nomadic life in the past 3 years, I don’t own a car anymore.

In addition, due to the pandemic, I have avoided to board any kind of public transportation since last March. Some of you may find that over-cautious, but my scientific training spoke louder than my strong wish to go out and explore with my camera. So in 2020 my photographic possibilities have been restricted to the areas of my city I could walk to.


Man sitting behind a cafe window, Madrid


Trying to look with new eyes at the streets and features I’ve seen and photographed so many times before in Madrid hasn’t been easy. Our gaze, and all our other senses, become numb to what they perceive far too frequently. That’s a challenge for many photographers, although others find even more inspiration in photographing their own backyard and stomping grounds.

Anyway, enough said. I just thought I needed to warn you that, unlike in previous years, my best-of-the-year collection wouldn’t take you to distant shores in Asia, but to possibly more familiar settings such as those of a big European capital like Madrid.

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