Mahabandoola Road, Yangon – Myanmar

Street market, Yangon

After a week in a much bigger capital, Bangkok, the hustle and bustle of Yangon still came as a shock to me.

The streets of the old Burmese capital (nowadays the official capital is Naipyidó) felt, for lack of a better comparison term, more “Indian” to me. The crowds are bigger, the traffic more chaotic, the pavement and sidewalks (when there is one) dirtier and more neglected, and there’s noise, dust and smoke to last you a lifetime. Thankfully, Burmese people counter all that with their extreme kindness.

I took this photo in my last evening in Yangon. This is a stretch of Mahabandoola Road, where dozens of street sellers set up their stalls every afternoon. They sell all sorts of fresh produce, but mainly fruits and vegetables.

Shortly before dusk other stalls and restaurants fire up their grills at the intersection of this road and 19th Street. The air fills with delicious smells of grilled fish, meat and seafood. The stifling heat of the day eases up ever so slightly, and it feels great to sip a cold beer on a terrace.

Other than wonderful Inle Lake, I haven’t written much about Myanmar yet. Stay tuned for more photos of the day and some full-length posts about Bagan and Yangon.

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