• A glimpse of Sukhothai, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai

Central and Northern Thailand in Less than 3 Minutes (video)

During my last trip around Southeast Asia, I found myself shooting more and more video with my phone as weeks went by. Given my absolute lack of experience and training in video shooting (other than casual stuff), the results I managed are not stellar, at least from a technical standpoint. However, I am now convinced that videos capture certain details about the atmosphere and feel of the places that I struggle to capture with photography alone.

Had I known I’d be shooting so much video, I would have brought along another DSLR or mirrorless camera with better video capabilities. The iPhone 6 video camera is no slouch though, and I’m sure better results can be achieved in more capable hands. In this post I talk about one specific app for video that I found particularly useful, as it helped me save some much needed storage space in my phone.

I’m now trying my hand at video editing with iMovie. One thing’s for sure: video editing is time consuming, but it’s also great fun.

In this video I’ve put together footage and photos taken with my iPhone in three very different cities in Central and Northern Thailand:  Sukhothai, capital of the oldest great kingdom in Siam; laid back Chiang Rai, and bustling Chiang Mai, both successive capitals of the once flourishing Lanna kingdom in Northern Thailand.

I’ll be posting a lot more photos from these places in future entries, but in the meantime this video should offer you a glimpse of what I saw there (if not on a phone, make sure to select the 720p setting for highest quality).

Have you been to any of these three cities? Which was your favourite?

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