A Two-Minute Stroll in Angkor’s Preah Khan (video)

Last week I posted a photoessay of Preah Khan, the thousand-year old ruined temple-city just North-east of Angkor Thom (see map here).

In my view, Preah Khan doesn’t quite get the kind of attention it deserves. Granted, it can’t be easy to share the stage with such astonishing masterpieces of millenary Khmer architecture as Angkor Wat or Bayon (the temple at the core of the old city of Angkor Thom).

However, when I arrived to Preah Khan after a long day of exploration (allow me to sound a bit Indiana Jones-like, cause that’s how one feels sometimes -i.e. when not surrounded by other travellers- in Angkor), I was greeted by a majestic set of ruins. Surprisingly, unlike in most of the nearby sites, tourists were few and far between.

In this short video you can see some of the places I showed you in photos in my post of last week. First, the east causeway leading to the bridge over the moat, lined with decapitated statues of gods and demons holding a naga. Once past the inner east gate, the footage shows some of the intricate bas reliefs on the walls. Finally, you will see the amazing walled enclosure where the main sanctuary lies.

Most of all, the video will allow you to listen to what Preah Khan sounded like that afternoon. Despite the initially overbearing racket of the surrounding jungle, if you soak it all in you might come to understand why Preah Khan left me in complete awe.

I’d love to hear what you think, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!



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